We design, hand print, and create cotton home decor for use in your home. Whether it’s your living room, kitchen, or bedroom, we have something you’re going to love.

Here at LuZo’s, all of our high quality handmade textiles are hand dyed and hand block printed. Our designs are inspired by the natural world. All of our fabrics are 100% natural fibers and sourced fair trade from Indonesia, Thailand, or India. All our dyes are light-fast and chemically stable; suitable for your babies. Our wood blocks are expertly hand carved by a family in Rajasthan, India.

We love traditional Indian textile printing methods. We’ve adapted India’s ancient woodblock printing technique to suit our modern studio. Developing sustainable practices for water & fiber conservation in the textile industry is a big deal to us. We work hard to minimize waste. We love our earth and we love beautiful fabrics!

Our motto is: #loveyourspace.

Here is your permission to declutter your life and carefully curate your space. Just say no to your mother-in-law’s 1000lb second-hand furniture…unless, of course, you really want it.

— LuZo’s Crew


A note from the owner:

I am a mama to two beautiful girls (Lu and Zo) and one cute little boy. My husband, Paul, is just as crazy as I am. We are currently planning our self-sustainable homestead in the fairyland of Southern Oregon.

My goal is to help people heal by empowering them to rid their homes of the things they don’t love, surround themselves with things they do, and slow down enough to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Thank you for supporting intentional living.

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